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I did the high beam > low beam conversion and hated it.

I also tried Silverstar bulbs ... they were better but both nulbs burned out in a year .... so now I want to get 80 watt low beams and wondered where I can get a heavy duty wiring harness so I dont fry the wires ?

Any other problems with making this happen that I should know about ?

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installation will be pretty straight forward.

it has 2 "in" connectors where you plug one low beam plug and one high beam plug. you'll use the plugs from the driver side. so you wont even use the passenger plugs.

then it has 4 "out" connectors.

this kit will allow you to have highs and lows at the same time.

i noticed with this kit my lights never dim when my system is playing... even though every other light dims.. like my gauges.

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bl420, thanks for the link.
I was just curious what you meant by 'have highs and lows at the same time'.
If I understand you right, the OEM setup does exactly that when you put your brights on, because we have 4 single-filament bulbs, 2 lows, 2 highs, so the lows are already on all the time, and if the highs are on (center headlights), without your bright switch active, you'd still have your brights on. I don't know if that made sense. Maybe I misunderstood what you wrote. :p

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Will this product actually install in a Legend, or am I going to get a product that doesn't work on out particular car ?

Description: 9005, 9006 Heavy Duty Automotive Head Lamp Wiring Relays Kit

It does NOT list cars which it fits ... it just says
For: For Most Car

Kinda concerned, which is why I like to buy things locally and have them installed !

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well i have it installed in my legend as you can see in my 2nd post... post #5

the reason why it says for most cars is because... not all cars have 9005/9006 bulbs

9006 is your low beam and 9005 is your high beam

theres a whole slew of other types of bulbs... thats why it says for most cars...

and the reason why it doesnt list for what car it fits is because they already said what type of bulb it needs. (9005/9006)

you're not going to go to an auto parts store and look on the back of an oil bottle and find your car listed on the back... reason being your suppose to know what your car uses.

btw the reason why they sell a 9005/9006 harness kit is because the cars that have 9006 bulbs as their low beams have also have 9005 as their high beams...
the two go hand in hand together because they're single filament bulbs.

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btw your local parts store is probably only going to have what they call a heavy duty wiring harness which is basically a female 9005 or 9006 connector that just has a thicker wire going out of it...

like this

(no relays or anything to draw power from your battery) pretty much useless since its still dependant on the original wire. and if you want to make that cheap harness better your going to have to use relays.

they also have something called plug and play kits which is basically the same thing so that you wont have to splice or solder into your existing connection.
but its still the same thing...

so why not just get the kit.

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:eek2: :eek2:

if you can do the 9005 > 9006 bulb conversion than you can do this

its as simple as it sounds... plug and play

all you have to do is connect 4 wires... ground... high beam connector... low beam connector... and one wire to the battery postive terminal.

this seriously took me less than 10 mins to install

and you can probably use some zip ties when feeding the passenger side harness to the other side and zip tieing them to the bumper... thats it

im sure you probably dont want to drop off your car at the dealer and wait a couple hours when you can do it yourself in less amount of time than it takes to get it to the dealer no less mention how much of your arm they're going to take off to install a headlight harness.

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bl420 said:
all you have to do is connect 4 wires... ground... high beam connector... low beam connector... and one wire to the battery postive terminal.
So I guess you didn't you use any relays or fuses at all ?
I have done some reading in the links I posted and I think its more complicated than 4 wires.

Anyone heard of this guy Daniel Stern ?

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no i mean if you buy the harness kit from

the first link i sent you... it includes all the relays and wires that you need.... everything is pre-assembled... ready to install.. what you see in the picture is what you get except that its 9005/9006 connectors. the wire harness is done.

all you need to do is connect the existing low beam and high beam connectors to the new harness and basically attach the battery positive cable and attach vehicle chassis ground cable....

thats it...
all the wiring is pre-done for you so you dont have to go through the headache.

btw with that daniel stern guy or whatever the harness that is sold on is basically this diagram.

its similar but not exact but same prinicipal. just follow the instructions in the kit...

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Here is an email I got from Daniel Stern I will share with you all

> Daniel, my car is a 1994 Acura Legend LS Sedan

Mm, OK, yes, I can understand why you're in need of help, then.

Your recipe for improved lighting is as follows:

-Custom-made relay harness for your Acura's ground-switched system, $98
(this is not a prefab piece of junk, nor is it a parts kit. The parts kit
would be very difficult and labor-intensive to make work correctly in your
Acura.) This harness is very easy to install (just eight connections, of
which six are simple snap-ins and two are easy ring-terminals).

-HIR1/9011 high beam bulbs and HIR2/9012 low beam bulbs.

The new bulbs are not some tinted or overwattage version of 9005 and 9006,
but rather employ a relatively new technology called HIR, Halogen
Infrared. The mechanical dimensions of the bulb are all virtually
identical to the 9005 and 9006 bulbs, but the bulb glass is spherical
instead of tubular, with the sphere centered around the filament. There is
a "Durable IR Reflective" coating on the spherical glass. Infrared = heat,
so the coating causes heat to be reflected back to the filament at the
center of the sphere. This causes the filament to become much hotter
(producing more light) than it can by passing electricity through it,
*without* the shorter life or greater heat production that comes with
overwattage bulbs (to say nothing of overwattage bulbs' incompatibility
with stock wiring.)

Here's the comparison:

Low beam stock: 9006, 12.8V, 55W, 1000 lumens, 875 hours
Low beam new: HIR2, 12.8V, 55W, 1875 lumens, 875 hours

High beam stock: 9005, 12.8V, 65W, 1700 lumens, 320 hours
High beam new: HIR1, 12.8V, 65W, 2530 lumens, 320 hours

So you're looking at nearly 88 percent more light from the low beams and a
grand total of 137% more light (49% of which from the high beam units, 88%
of which from the low beams, which may be wired to remain on with the high
beams) on high beam. The beam pattern will not change, but there will be
considerably more light within the beam pattern.

Now, it's not a problem to use HIR1 in any high beam that takes 9005. High
beams are by definition difficult to make too intense. If there's anyone
in front of you to object to glare, you should be using LOW beams. There
is a low-beam HIR bulb, but it must be used with discretion. The HIR2 (low
beam bulb) produces 1875 lumens. That's about 88 percent more light than a
9006, so it must only be used in low beams that have, as part of their
design, excellent control of upward stray light. If the low beam pattern
doesn't have a sharp horizontal cutoff at the top of the beam, if there's
appreciable upward stray light above horizontal, you will produce
excessive glare and get excessive backdazzle with HIR2s.

These bulbs are spendy - $26/ea - but their cost is worth considering in
context: Any number of companies will charge you more than this for a
tarted-up 9005 or 9006 with blue colored glass (PIAA and Sylvania
Silverstar come to mind) that doesn't produce more light and has a very
short lifespan.

The HIR bulbs have a double-wide top ear on the plastic bulb base, this is
to comply with the law requiring different bulbs to have different bases.
The extra-wide plastic top ear is easily trimmed or filed to make the bulb
fit your headlamp's bulb receptacle. Once that's done, they go directly
into the headlamp, and the existing sockets snap on.

The low beams are out of stock at the moment; the high beams are in stock
(low beams back in stock in January)

You will need to deactivate your car's factory high-beam Daytime Running
Lamps, because they are not compatible with the relay harness. But, DRLs
are mandatory in Canada, so stop by and pick
up their DRL-1 DRL module. This runs the front turn signals full time as
DRLS (as many present-model vehicles do), thus taking that function off
the headlamp circuit.

> don't want to spend $800 for HIDs

Good, there's no safe and legal way to have HIDs in your present car!
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