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I own a 91 L Sedan and I wanted to upgrade my speakers. Eventually I am gonna re-do the whole system but right now I dont have the money to do it all at once.:mad:

I wanted to replace my front speakers first, I think they are 6 1/2" (looked in Crutchfield). What brand and model should I get? I dont know much about car audio and quality of different speakers. I'm also going to replace the 6x9's in the back but dont know what i should get there either.

Will I be ok if i replace the speakers and keep the factory head unit and amp for now? Or will they sound like $hit?

Any recommendations or thoughts will help.... I was gonna head over to Best Buy and check out what they have there..

Thanks in advance..

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As for a brand of speaker, I'll leave that up to you, as everyones opinion on sound quality is different, and everyones price range is different as well. I will suggest that you buy the same brand speaker for the front and rear though. Yes, you can just replace the speakers in your L. You don't have the seperate amp that is found in the LS/GS system, so your system is virtually a plug and play. I suggest you do go to Best Buys, Circuit City, and any other place where you can listen to some speakers. Keep in mind that speakers won't neccessarily sound the same in the car, but you can get an idea of the charactor the speaker has that you may like over another. Once you find a buch of speakers you like, either buy them at one of those stores, or try and find them cheaper online. Installation will be fairly simple. The front will not ve a direct drop in, but the modification needed to the OEM speaker basket is very simple.
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