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Upgrading the speaker wires in doors

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Ok, I guess this'll probably be at least the fourth time Ive attempted to tackle this dilemma to no avail, but I havent done it on this forum yet so here goes...

I have a G2 coupe and all the wiring in my car is upgraded to 12awg... --except for the set going through to my 6's in my doors.


First of all, theyre hard as hell to get at. Second of all, the one in the drivers side is completely blocked by the fuse box. Any ideas fellas!?:confused:
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I don't think you want to hear this answer, but taking the fenders off is the easiest way to do it, there's just too many wires and too little room for your hands to fish it through without doing this. Try going to a stereo shop and have them do it, they may undercharge and handle the mess.
Yeah, that definately does suck....

So how hard is it to remove the fenders!!!:)
I hope somebody else can answer your question. I really don't know exactly how to remove the fender. I'd start under the hood, and remove the bolts along the top of the fender, open the driver door and look for bolts along the rear of the fender, then you may have to remove the wheel and wheel well to remove bolts from the inside of the fender. Lastly, look under the fender for any hidden bolts or fasteners. That should remove the fender. Normally there's 10 to 14 bolts you have to remove.

I, personally spent 4 hours feeding the wire through, that sucked.
removal of the fenders also requires removal of the bumper too. Better set aside a whole day or at least a half day to tackle the project. I know ChrisK has done it, he know how to remove the fenders and bumpers. Ask him.
hey you could always soder the new wire to the old one (for a solid connection) and then pull at one end. you can pull through the new speaker wire where the old one was. i did this with my previous car works like a charm
i was able to fish the wire through with a hanger on the passenger side but the driver's side is impossible. :confused:
Woah... solder, huh?

Ya know, that sounds like it just might work!

Now since youve actually done it, and BEFORE I go and start cuttin' stock wires, tell me: CAN YOU NOTICE A DIFFERENCE?!?

Idealistically, the result should be like night and day if you have speakers that are worthy of upgraded wire in the first place, but now that its down to the wire (NPI :rolleyes: )....
You know what so far i would have to say that DJlegend works the best because i did the same thing. I had to ran 8 10guage wires for my smartwindow module. I also ran new monster cable 12 guage speaker wires for my MBquartz. The first wire is always the hardest but once you have them through just tape the other wires to it and guide it through. Just make sure you use a lot of WD40 or some really good lubricant. As of can you notice the difference i would probably say no. But you know what it's just a state of mind that you know you have the best wires possible that count:) Good Luck !
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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