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Hi all,

I need to go to chicago from springfield, and come back.
Basicly, I have to make 450-500 miles today.

And my check engine light has just came on. It was the first time that happened. I checked the manual it was saying restart your car if it shows up again that means you have emission problem.
And, I have to leave soon.

Will it be dangerous for my vehicle if I take it out for that trip?
In manual it says it may not be harmful.

I do not have the code right now.
Do I need it ? Can engine light be something really serious for '91 legend?

It is a Sedan LS.

I have added some oil, it was on lower dot but probably it was more because I drove it for like 10 minutes then waited for 15 minutes, accidently turned the car on again but in 10 seconds i turned it back off.
Added some oil. And came back home which made like a 5-7 minute way. The engine light did not come back on.
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By the way, the reason why I gotta do that trip today is my family is leavin the country and we gotta catch the plane
The CEL being on doesn't just mean emissions issue's, pull the code/codes to know what's going on.



for some reason the links have changed! :wtf:
I didn't have time to check it but i stopped by bloomington now
Everything seems troubleless and the light is off since springfield
I will check how to make the light flash and record a video then upload here
But if the light is off for 65 miles does it still tell me what was wrong with it
if its off then it may not show whats wrong.
Hi all,

I'm in springfield and light is still off. And there is nothing wrong with the car, I am getting really confused :S
That's good to hear, let's just pray it stays that way.
what can happen as worst?
Does engine gets just blown or something immediately?
I'm sorry but I have no idea what those cars can do, that's why I keep askin dumb questions :(
what can happen as worst?
Does engine gets just blown or something immediately?
I'm sorry but I have no idea what those cars can do, that's why I keep askin dumb questions :(
There's no such thing as a dumb question be cause nobody knows everything. But I wouldn't worry about it as long as it's running right. Just stay on top of maintenance and the car will be fine.

Now it was on again..

My work is kinda 7-10 minute drive from my home and the light was on in the morning and at night.

So, I would like to try making the light flash, while i was searchin for it, I found that quote (below) in forum. Is that how I should do it in my 91 legend? And what should "jump it" supposed to mean here?

Under the carpet in the front passenger footwell is your ECU. There is a small service connector plug that is above it. Jump it with a paper clip and turn the ignition on (don't have to start it). Count the number of blinks that you get from the check engine light. Short blinks represent 1-9. Long blinks represent 10.

Come back here with the code, and someone here will tell you what's wrong.
is the white box on top (1st link 1st picture) blower motor?

and if i do not have a paperclip does a needle work if i bend it?
yes, any thing that can carry current will work ie: wire, needle etc.
1. Locate ECU Connector

Pull back the carpeting on the passenger side footwell, under the glove box. Locate the service check connector. It is a two-pin female connector, with black and white (91-92) or black and yellow (93-95) wires. It may be plugged into its cover on the top right of the ECU.
Ok so,

I have em both. Black and white and black and yellow ones.
My car is 91 legend, and that is the picture:

Uploaded with

Can someone tell me that which one should i jump please?
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ok, here is the video

i think it is 12, is it? And is that a big problem? What should I do :?

Also, I have just noticed that while watching the video, also my anti lock light is flashing, does that mean there is something wrong with it too?
And will it be a problem if i keep drivin it without fix for like approximately 600miles
Code 12 is: is EGR sensor. To determine the abs code you have to count the number of flash's for that also.
Ok so am i right? Cuz i just watched it and guessed that it was code 12.
Is it easy to change the rgr sensor i hear they cost around 100 bucks. I will record a video of abs light also but there is nothing wrong with the light while driving like cel


wow. I have found that topic:

it says the whole egr system needs to be cleaned.
What the..
I hate when I do not know things, im sorry all.
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