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Vibration Under Load - Resolved

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Symptoms: vibration under load, normally about 4k rpm and up. Slightly less noticeable first thing in the morning for probably the first 1/4 mile.

Forum Searches indicate it could be CV shafts, transmission mount, or engine mounts.

Cheapest starting point was the CV shafts and the vibration is gone. Hopefully it'll stay away. The guys with the bad motor mounts had a return of the vibration before changing the motor mounts, and I assume the bad mounts caused a failure in the replacement CV shafts. When reving the car in drive, while standing on the brakes, there was not a lot of excess play in the motor, so I'm hoping my motor mounts are okay (73k miles on the car) and this fix will remain solid.

Although I changed both sides, when I cut open the boot, it was clear the passenger inner was where the problem was:

(Sorry, I have less than 15 posts and the system won't let me link the picture of the bearing. If you want to see it, PM me and I'll forward it to you)

One bearing was surround by brown grease, indicative of failure from moisture infiltration of otherwise. Cleaning out some of the grease, the housing where that bearing lived, had score marks that were pretty bad (wish I took a picture of that, but I didn't).

In any case, here's to hoping it remained "fixed."
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