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Victor Reinz Nitroseal multi layer steel HG anyone use em?

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Ok so I'm not doing a JDm on the 95' TypeII she's only got 106k.

Blowing smoke like a rice cooker. Shop says I can bring my own parts. I know everyone likes Felpro but the shop would prefer I use OEM so there aren't any warranty issues that's all they ever use.

These Victor's are multi-layer w/perforated steel core and a graphite facing are priced above felpro $40 and below Dealer $100. Did a search and no one has mentioned using them. What gives? Is this a new item for us? Sounds like a kick a** gasket for a Legend or am I missing something? Pretty sure Felpro's aren't made this way based on pricing (could be wrong) and I'm not sure about what the dealer is doing unless I go down there and look at one.

Or do you guys think but these the same or better quality than the Eristic's.

Going to mill my heads and pressure test just to be safe.

Almost ordered these today but wanted to check with you guys first. Dealer isn't really on my list. Thinking they are just over priced and I'm sure someone else can manufacture a equivalent if not better head gasket for a lower price. I just feel robbed when I leave the dealership.. LOL

Just want to make the best decision, if they go again I'll be looking at a 3.5 swap.
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try it out and let us know, also i have herd from other members that its not good to mill the heads. ( at least not on the legend). just replace stem seals and clean them up. shaving them isnt good. not sure why. but i have herd it from others that are more experienced then me not to do it. good luck
So I'm going to be the guinea pig then. I'd like to know why anyone hasn't used them.

So if my head isn't true and got warped when it got hot I shouldn't fix it? Instead replace it why? I can understand not resurfacing it with a stone type of grinding like they used to in the past but I'm pretty sure the head shop that mills is leaves a glass like surface. Is it a thickness issue or what? He did say he would check it first but I'm thinking it over heated too long and I'm screwed.
Just got off the phone with Acura Stealership, wanted to know if they sold a slightly thicker gasket and/or what the thickness of it is because I was milling my head and he tells me that $100 head gasket they sell is an Ishino.
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