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Ok, before I was getting these emails from this forum, and all they said was "Matt Whelan", sender [email protected].
Now, it seems as if this has spread from him to someone else, and they opened an attachment, sending it to everyone in an address book. I have even noticed coming from LLCC members to other LLCC members email addresses. If you see an email with:

"eager to see you
a very nice game
so you can change as your whims change
W32.klez.e removal tools
so cool a flash, enjoy it
how are you
*name), japanese lass' sexy pictures
some questions
hello, japanese girl vs playboy
a powful tool
worm klez.e immunity
stop it."

The above are the subject line.

As I said before, they were coming to my email, but being deleted by the filter. However, as many of you know, those emails are cc'd to my two-way, hence the reason I see the title, yet no body in the email. PLease be careful and run your virus scan...I have not been in my email system so I know I didn't open it, but it is attaching itself somehow....

Run NORTON/MC, what ever it is...Thanks.
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