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Another late night race/ playing around...didnt do anything cause i didnt get any opening nor did he....but what the hell is a bora????

thast all it said on the back...looked like a jetta!!!!! :confused:

anybody got specs on those

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Yeah its a Jetta, just check out the USDM specs on it, They just put the Euro badges on it.
if its a JettaIII
2.0L I-4 115hp
2.8L v6 172hp

if its a JettaIV
1.8T I-4 150-180HP
1.9TDI I-4 90hp 140tq
2.0L I-4 115-120HP
2.8L v6 172hp(? not exactly sure)

Nothing major unless modified
1.8T 300hp is not unheard of
2.8L anywhere from the stock 172-600+ with NOS and Turbo

I'm at work so I don't have my 0-60 and 1/4 mile numbers right here.
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