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want to be on "pinks"

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check this link out, this site says one of the guys who has raced on a few episodes of pinks is now doing casting. he says if you contact him he can get you on the show lol.

some one give it a shot lol
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Lol i wouldn't take him my cars too slow
i havent really watch that show do you show up with your car the way it is or do they give you money to fix it up first?
88_acro said:
i havent really watch that show do you show up with your car the way it is or do they give you money to fix it up first? up with what cha got.
doesnt matter what car you got, they try make the races somwhat fair, then you get practice runs and get to negotiate head starts, equipment used, ect to make it fair as possible. go pick up some nos for like 300 then give them a call lol
that show is so damn stupid, every time its on i laugh my ass
that ending song kinda sucks but man is it catchy, i got it stuck in my head and only knew like 3 seconds of it so i had to download it.. its called walk away by the nadas.

I'd love to be on that show, i'd hide a 75 shot of NOS till the final race. just disguise the hose as your oil sensor wire going into the valve cover and out the pcv valve hose into the intake tube. and yes they actually make dry kits that go straight into the intake pipe, doesnt sound safe for your car though.. or either you could run your windshield wiper fluid hose into the intake to increase compression but thats pretty unsafe too.. but hey, if you win you get their car to drive home :) if you lose they get a worthless car
does the car have to be street legeal or can i bring my 6 second funny car
Actually if you read on it tells you that they are really looking for people or shops ;) to build a car just for the show and be willing to give it away if they loose.
you should be able to bring anything with weels lol, ive seen them race street legal, non legal, even go carts...
does it have to have wheels, can i bring a rocket ship?
long as the track will allow it i dont see why not, they would probably let you race your grandmother "lose the race, lose your grandma"
ill race your car i loose no prob i win i get a new car
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