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Well it's finally up! It's been up for a couple of months least it kinda sorta is...

We got Jon and Sky to finally add a wiki engine to our server a couple of months ago, but none of us actually have the time to do any real work on it due to jobs/school/etc. That's where you guys come in :).

I'm trying to find about 5-10 of you who have some freetime on your hands, are knowledgable about the Legend (or are at least good at searching for information), and are willing to help, in order to get our wiki completed and available to everyone. There isn't really any sort of deadline to get the wiki running by, its just that without some help from you guys, the wiki probably won't get up at all since none of us have really been working on it.

Yes, we already have our own page here, but ours is intended to go much more into details about each generation, link our forum's FAQs and DIYs together for easier access, and to make basic information/troubleshooting info more readily available to the masses.

Just so you guys aren't left in the dark about the details, heres some info about our wiki engine and some help links for those of you who are curious and want to help pull this off:

MediaWiki (not sure what version, but i'll try and get Jon or Sky to upgrade it to the latest version if possible)

Help with coding and other info:

The need of wiki coding knowledge isn't required, but will help you out a bit. I'll give you guys a week to browse through the links, and decide if you're up for it or not. If any of you are willing to help, shoot me a PM and let me know!

Now, I know a couple of you guys are saying, "Hey, well if it's a wiki page, why not just give us all the link now?" The reason why none of the mods mentioned this earlier is because we're trying to get the wiki's sections and content established BEFORE we turn it loose on everyone for editing. With only a couple of people working on it together, the organization will be much better than everybody and their mother fighting over what should be going on.[/disclaimer]
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