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was this guy full of BS

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I have a set of 17x8 black panther wheels with 245/35/17 Eagle One tires. The rims do not have an offset. If I use spacers will these rims work and not rub. The guy told me they are to big for my 94 Legend Sedan. The rims came off of a Honda Accord and that is very similar to a Legend. I looked up another set and the acura will take 17x7.5 with a 40 offset. Was this guy filling me with a line of bull as my friend said they should fit. Does anyone have a chart to go off of and see if these wheels will fit my acura.

Thanks so much for your much needed input
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94/95 sedans can take a larger rim then 91-93 on my 91 I'm running a 20x8.5 with a +34 offset that's almost flush.
Look in the rim section you will find a list of legends and off sets with aftermarket rims.
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