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Weapon R cold air box :O

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Hi all,

I am wondering if anybody here has the Weapon R intake /cold air box combo installed. they advertise on their web site for like $340 and since I read here that their stuff is legal SMOG wise - I am interested. So, the questions are: how much did you pay? how much did it cost to install [if it wasn't a DIY]? and how much of difference in performance do you see? thanks!

BTW, I do realize that like half of the threads here are about the whole intake thing but somehow they do have a tendency to wander waaaaaaaaaaay off topic after about threee posts. :rolleyes:

So, once again - sorry for the repetition! :)
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WR Intake and CAB installed here. Love the thing. Has a great growl and it pulls very strongly. You get the benefit of a CAI setup without the worry of ingesting water, which is a big concern up here in "sunny" :rolleyes: Seattle. The CAB is probably a little spendy for what it really is, but it fits pretty well. I bought some metal tape to seal it to the chasis better. I have yet to drive it in warmer weather and I'm sure this is where most benefit will come. The horsepower difference between my car and a non-CAI'ed car will be more apperent in the theroy :D
Tushka said:
Thanks, LegendC!

did you install it yourself? and how much was it, if you don't me asking? :cool:
I installed it took a little creativity to work it into place. Remember to remove ALL parts of the stock aribox and you should have no problems. I used metal tape to clean up the edges abd seal it in a bit more. I paid ~340 for the intake and then the CAB. I believe you can get them both for $300 in a package set.
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