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Weather strip

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Anybody have a good weather strip for the driver side window because tl my window tint is getting scratched, and my window rolls up completely but instead of being inside the rubber it comes outside of it. I called Acura and they want like $170 for each window.. (not including installation) how can I fix it? I'll post a picture of it in a bit

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save up and buy new cause most will end up doing the same thing
Xylene should soften that rubber...

Get a gallon or borrow a cap full from a painter and rub it on WITH A CLOTH until the rubber gets soft then make your window go under it and let it harden/dry. It should stay in place after that because the shape of the rubber will have changed. Maybe even shim the rubber out a bit with playing cards(5 - 6 cards thick) along the window until hardened/dried.

If you try that you seriously have to pay very close attention not to get Xylene on ANY other plastics or rubbers because it will soften them up and possibly misshape them. In fact I would bend the cards over the window along every part that your tint will come in to contact with the Xylene.

Hope that works! Worth a try anyway.


Edit 1:Ive heard that if you mix Xylene with high grade mineral oil you can nearly completely restore old rubber.
Edit 2:We have pharma grade mineral oil at work and it'll restore rubber without Xylene but I dont think you would be able to change the shape of the weather strip without Xylene.
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