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I'm working on a website, right now i'm heavily into the G1 area, trying to get this baby off the ground. Then i'll commence work on the G2 section, galleries, lounge and whatnot..

the G1 Section will contain, some quick description of the Legend, and then there will be a link with "More Information"..

Here there will be a "Specifications/Feature" list... most information comes from Brochures. I would appreciate it if some of you would look at that and make sure the options are correct for your year? Later on I will add a F.A.Q for G2s G1s and Legends in general I hope. I have a big vision for it, hopefully all goes well.

P.S the page actually starts BELOW the banner, but tripod put it there! Don't bookmark it, this page will NOT stay there, the only reason its on the web is because I want to make sure pictures and such show up. Sooner or later it will move onto LegendaryLegendz.Com ... and I am aware I need to recrop the G2 Silver legend banner near the tires... actually I may need to remove that car entirely, I couldn't get a hold of the owner, to ask him if it's okay to use his car in the first place. :(

for now you will find what I was talking about here:
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