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Weekend from hell!!

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Whats up? This past friday a couple of friends and i headed down to Myrtle Beach, SC from our homes in northern va (about a 7 hour drive). anyways before the trip i did the basic checkups in my legend, checked all fluids, air in tires ect.. anyways about 4 hours into the trip everything is going fine and my battery light comes on. i pulled over at the next gas staion and check things out everything still looks fine and i knew it probably wasnt the batter cause i just got it replaced a few months ago. so i just hoped it just makes us there safely and i was gonna take it to a mechanic the next day. everything seems to be ok and we're about a hour away when suddenly my rpm's and mph gauges go to zero im like ahhh #$%^....the car still seems to have all its power though im like ***...a few minutes later i can start to feel the car losing power, none of my lights work and my check engine lights comes on. as im merging off the interstate onto the exit my baby just dies. i get on the shoulder, pop the hood and see im missing my alternator belt! so we have to wait like 1 hour for the tow truck, its like 6 pm so everything is closed but he says he knows someone like 50 miles away thats still open, we really have no other choice so im like ok. we finally get to this place and these 2 "mechanics" if that whats you wanna call them are the dumbest, inbred, ******** i've ever seen. they didnt know there right from left. they were huge a$$holes and very rude. and it leiterally took them hours of trying to put one belt on before the finally gave up and called there boss from home at 10pm to come put it on. and to make it worse they charged me and arm and a leg ($123). i had no other options but to pay it. ok so we're finally back on the road again for no more then 15 minutes when BAM an RV in front of us loses a wheel and we run right over it dragging it, sparks and burnt rubber everywhere. i thought for sure i had flat tires or my bumper would be hanging off but to my surprise my car is ok. we finally make it down there my car is fine but the very next night to make it one of the worst weekend/roadtrip of my life we're at some party with some hot women cops bust in and 5 of us get arrested, so i spent 22 hours in a ice cold holding cell had to pay $445 to get out, and have to go back down next week to court:( sorry for such a long post, my weekend just horrible.
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oh MAN...that sucks, hope things are lookin better now.
Dang son...


Take it easy out there..
Damm, that was a sign for you saying you should've stayed home. Glad to hear that your ok though.
Holy Sh*T Man!!!

That's insane. Hope you get everything straight with your car...I know that must be a real blower. Hot women cops, huh...yup, sounds just like when my friends got busted at Ocean City, by a couple of hot undercover girls...they really got screwed. Good luck man.

I tried sending you a PM but your box was full...Lemme know when it's clear.

Wow bro 'll be praying for you...:(
.....After every dark night brings an even brighter day........
Wow, I've had some bad weekends but that one takes the cake...
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