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weight reduction

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what parts can we take out to lighten up our cars
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ghostofnyc said:
what parts can we take out to lighten up our cars
speakers ;) those bose ones are really heavy
Spare tire, rear seat, passenger seat, CD player, any installed subwoofers.

Assuming you want to lighten up to take it to the track. All this stuff will reinstall easily for street cruising.
You could even hire one of those mini-sized horse jockeys to drive your car! Just think, if you switched a 225lb guy (you) for a 90lb horse jockey, then that might actually help your 1/4 mile! Of course you would have to allow for the 10" wooden blocks that he would have to use to reach the pedals, and the 7" boost seat to see over the Legend wheel...

On the serious side, you might even try swapping your wheel/tire combo if you have heavy custom/chrome wheels. If you have some 15" alloys laying around that will fit, those and some decent (correctly sized) tires can really help when compared to some heavy chrome 18s! It is easier for the car to get a smaller diameter wheel moving, as well as the wheels being much lighter.
Rip out the entire interior. Put some Recaro Seats. Get rid of all the power modules (i.e. windows, door locks, car alarms, bose stereo system including speakers, a/c unit), drop the a/c system, drop the power steering system... convert the windows to plastic and allow for a race-car window opening...

oh sorry, i thought you wanted to convert it into a Nascar vehicle and still keep it street legal!! :p
take the whole body off the car, leave nothing but the engine, frame and the the pedals and tires! :D that'd lighten you up by like 1500 pounds!

hehe, just playin'
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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