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weirdest thing happened....

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while getting in the car and driving home, I looked down and saw that all the gears lighted up (P, 1,2,S,R)
is that normal cuz i thought the only way to check what gear u are in is in the dashboard

unless the wires are messed up but curious if all of yours light up?
they havent lighted up since i got the car 6 months ago. That is weird, dont know if thats normal or not
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You are talking about the gear lights on the shifter right? When the lights are on and your dimmer switch is all the way up you can see all of those gears. Mine sometimes goes off but if I slap the shifter a little left or right they light up again. Nothing to worry about.
yep, those gear lights

im gonna try slapping them today to see if they go on, must be a bad connection somewhere.

damn i find that out after all this time
My lights used to act up too. They would come on sometimes and other times they wouldn't . But they have been working fine lately(knock on wood)

Jiggly did you get your caps and your corner?
na man, I havent had the time to go to junk yards

ill see if someone is selling those caps on ebay for cheap

First I gotta go get my exhaust system checked out, car makes freaken loud noises...sometimes it sounds nice, like an aftermarket exhaust system.

probably the muffler
if you guys are talking about the light i=on the shifter i know what it is. its looks like a bulb hanging off a wire and you can move it so if you notice that some places say (p) is brighter then (D) you can move the wire by opening the console and moving the wire around to make it even. also you can make it the light brighter buy removing a film around the bulb i think its a rubber thing.
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