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Well I am back

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Hello to all my bretheren. To all those who don't know who i am I have been around for a while (I think two years total on all the different forums). It is good to see that this forum is growing, I must say matt has done a good job here.

Anyway I guess I ought to get to the point: It seems that my 91 legend has seen better days. It seems that people have taken to backing into the car (2 times in 4 weeks) and the the mounts on the behemoth that was my trunk setup up have taken the brunt of the beating. Also I think the air filter I put in on the air conditioning is starting to go, alas I can't remember how I got to it. I know that someone once posted info on it on the old boards but I am too lazy too go look for it. If anyone wants to be so kind as to post a link on how to get to it that would be greatly appreciated and if anyone wants to give me an offer on the stereo system I would be willing to consider offers. ask and I will supply pictures.
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