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Last night I was on route 70 near the park and ride end. I watched as a Corvette Z06 had his butt handed to him by a first generation turbo Mazda RX-7. I watched the RX-7 blast up and down Northern Parkway (this is where everybody was before we all went to route 70). The guys take off was very quick and he just kept on pulling from there. There was a Volkswagan GTI with a VR6 that had a turbo on it. I watched as this guy did a couple of passes. From the way he was shifting and the way the car was performing he too would have fallen prey to the Mazda. Their also was a G1 legend coupe that did a couple of passes. I might have challenged him but, Northern parkway is WAY TOO BUSY for me and their is just something about hitting another car at over 100 miles an hour that just doesn't sit right with me. There is something about living I like. One more thing the legend was an 88-89 L model with stock everything except maybe a stereo system:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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