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What can I do ?

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Every time I make a quick left turn I feel the ass end off my Legend hydroplaning. Is this common with the G1 or is it unique to my Legend ?
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back tire treads worn?
All of my tires are practically new.
what kind of tires do you have and is it dry or raining?
I have Pirelli's & the weather here is mostly dry.
im at a loss dude,

my coupe doesnt hydroplane when its not wet...because then its not hydroplaning ;)

--and ive taken some friggn sharp turns just to test out the tires when it was dry.

how fast you goin?
MrSlideInsideU said:
I have Pirelli's & the weather here is mostly dry.
you cant hydroplane unless it's wet.

are you experiencing body roll/oversteer?
sounds like suspension

it sounds like you need new struts or that one part of the suspension that looks like a hook that hangs over your rear tires. theres a bushing that connects two parts and that seems like its loose. a good way to tell is to jack up the side of the car that wobbles in a steer and see if you can turn the wheel. theyre supposed to stay stiff and straight, but if they turn a lil like the front wheels do (obviously) then thats probably your problem.
hey 89acura,

im working in deland FL right now :)
what are you doin there? texas isnt nice enough? where did u get you brake pads from?
just working in deland for a summer internship. actually, last sunday we were in jacksonville.

the job was just a really good opportunity and I typically dont stay in texas for my summers. i alsways leave to go work.

I picked up my axxis pads from summitracing. they were comparably priced as i looked up about 4 different vendors.
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