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What color tint should i get?????

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I have the Champagne colored 95 Acura Legend Sedan and I am wondering what color I should tint my windows???

Smoke (35%, 20%) or a reflective type that looks like a factory mirror tint. I am trying to keep the car looking "classy". I am looking to order the Racing Hart C2's this month (they are a silver wheel---->

I need to make a decision quick.......i have an appointment on Monday!!!

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I think that the best is the color of the real good stuff that has the metal in the tint I believe its simi reflective and has a green color to it. Thats the tint that is use on all the top end cars.
go with 20% smoke tint, you'll be happy.
Yo, your ride is going to look great with those wheels. I have the replicas and they make it look awsome. Just needs to be lowered though.
Thanks for the suggestions and comments...............

Heres a pic of me and the Legend. I may not be Vanna White, but at least I can pep the pic up eh?:D
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