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I was routing through some old pictures today and I came across one of the only pics of my previous car. It was a '91 Audi 200 Turbo. Despite the maintenance, I loved this car. It was def. ahead of it's time, and was loaded (Power everything, heated mirrors, heated door locks, front/rear heated seats, Elec. climate control, bose Premium, BBS wheels, etc. etc.) I was a huge euro fan before I got my Legend, and was set on getting a new GTI before I got my Legend. In fact, I didn't like Legends (or any Honda/Acura) much at all before I got mine. That said, after owning my Legend for the past 4 years, I will never go back to owning a Euro (unles it's an M3 or 911). Anyways, just thought I'd post a pic of it. believe it or not, it drew a decent amount of attention by other euro owners, probably because of the fact that it was fairly rare nowadays. I'm really curious as to what everyone else traded up from, and would love to see some pics of your previous rides.

Mods included:
Modified airbox w/ K&N filter
Custom 2.5" cat-back exhaust
Blue Ignitor's Ignition wires w/ Bosch Platinums
TAP wastegate @ 14.5 psi
Stereo (Pioneer H/U, Infinity & Cerwin Vega speakers)
Custom decals
Painted valve cover, brake calipers, underbody
PIAA headlights
He-Beam Fogs
Custom Euro plate

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my last cars was a 2002 dodge durango slt+

some of the mods include:

White gauges by APC
Body color painted gauge bezel
Blue bulbs all around

InChannel slim-line window vent visors, smoke, all 4 windows
Westin Sportsman Grille Guard w/ PIAA 540 extreme fog lights
Street Scene genII front bumper
Brushed Speed Grille insert in the grille and bottom valence
APC Diamond Clear headlights & turn signals
Full functional ram air hood
PIAA 540 extreme driving lights on a CARR light bar
APC GenII 3D carbon fiber taillights
Tinted front windows

AIRAID cold air intake kit with custom made tube to the throttle body
AIRAID POWERAID Throttle body spacer
Gibson Performance headers and cat-back exhaust

20" American Racing Chrome Rims
275/45ZR20 Goodyear Eagle GTII
Stock 16" rims with toyo tires for winter and off-roading
In Car Electronics:
Pioneer DEH-P8600MP head unit
Pioneer CDX-P1280 cd changer
Pioneer Premier TS-W2000SPL 12" sub
Pioneer GM-D510M amp
Infinity Speakers w/ tweeters
Cobra 29 WX NW ST Mobile CB radio

also i used to have a 89 prelude for about a year while i had my durango here are some pics:

IT WAS TOTALED, got rear ended by a 2001 focus, smashed up the whole rear end!!!

Custom red and chrome shift nob
Short shifter
Tinted windows

5 speed with 4-Wheel-Steering
Wind deflector (of a 2000 accord, fits perfect)

short ram intake
upgraded spark plugs and wires
custom exhaust

18" RS Limited Ikari Chrome Rims
215/35zr18 Essenza tires

In Car Electronics:
Pioneer DEH-1600 head unit.
Pioneer Speakers; TS-A1680R front; TS-A6985

before i had my durango which i got in sept 2002, i used to have a 96 chevy blazer 2dr red sorry don't have any pics but here is a generic:

mine was the same but it had different wheels.

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Honda Accord EX
1 piece projector headlights with plasma bulbs, Altezza tail,
LED mirror lights , brembo drilled rotors,millie miglia spyder rims
2 12" bandpass subs , three way speakers in front doors 2 amps 1 4ch for highs and a 2ch for bass, tints, intake, custom catback and more..

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always had a legend, but when my 1st one was totalled i had a 92 chrysler new yorker 5th ave, total pos but i never been in anything that road so nice

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i had two nissan maximas, one 1985 with the digital dash, and one 89 SE 5 speed black on black. before that my first car was actually the little brother to the legend. yes my first car was a Sterling 825s,navy blue exterior with blue leather interior. nice car but too many vacuum lines, and most had electrical problems, especially the 827 SI and i had to get the parts from Austin Rover. now i'm on my second Legend, and lovin it.

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First car: 1986 Chevy Celebrity CL (free and worth every penny!). That's me in the bowtie (my parents bought it new).

I have since owned the following (not in order):

1986 Honda Prelude Si (no pics on my computer)

1989 Honda Prelude Si:

1991 Honda Prelude Si 4WS

1988 Acura Legend L sedan (no pics on my computer)

1986 Acura Legend base sedan:

1991 Acura Legend L coupe:

1994 Acura Legend LS coupe (you've all seen a million times)

A couple of pics from when I had the Celebrity, 91 Lude, and Legend at the same time:


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I gotta scan some pics. I'll update with them later 'cause I'm at work right now.
First car was a 1962 Chevy Corvair Monza. Red with a black interior and manual transmission.

Second car was a 1983 Jaquar XJ6 Vandem Plas (special edition). Black with tan leather and auto tranni.

After those I got my Legend. I don't miss the Jag but I still want another Corvair (rear engine).

My next car will be either a 240sx or RX-7 and I'm keeping the Leg.

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1989 Toyota Cressida... i loved that damn car.. was basically a 4dr supra... don't have any pics with me...

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MackDaddyMark said:
91 Sentra Xe...true POS car...I had the puke tan on tan..haha man I used to do madd crazy in that car...
i don't knock the sentra after i moved to dallas and met a very good friend...

it runs 11's, 324hp to the wheel... and weighs 2000 lbs with 2 ppl in it...

more pics if ppl want...

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maracura91 said:
yes my first car was a Sterling 825s,navy blue exterior with blue leather interior. nice car but too many vacuum lines, and most had electrical problems, especially the 827 SI and i had to get the parts from Austin Rover. now i'm on my second Legend, and lovin it.
Technically, you already owned part Legend on your first car. The 825 has the Legend C25A motor in it from the 1986-1988 Sedan, and the 827 which was introduced in the Legend Coupe in 1987 2.7L V6. Has tons of little hoses all over the place :)

Those two cars had VERY similar features to Legends.

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i had a 1985 caddilac devile coupe, it was a POS


automatic tranny had no 3 or 4 gear because they turned into nuetral

if you closed the drivers door with the window in any way down it would fall off the track and into the door

groves in the windshield from running the wipers with no blade

couldnt open the passenger door from the outside

no AC

passenger window didnt work

would leak power steering fluid like no tommarow

brakes barely worked at low speeds

needed shocks

you could flood it, even though it was F/I(just by pumping the gas while its idling)

aftermarket sterio had a busted display and cd player wouldnt work

it would have a hard time starting

alternator had problems

the computer would wack out somtimes and display weird things

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