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What do think about tinting/spoiler?

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I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth it to tint my car. It's a 89 gold sedan . . . How much are we looking at costs? Oh yeah, one more thing, do G2 spoilers fit on G1 legends? And if not, what is the closest thing that y'all have used to a spoiler?
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As far as tinting... it depends on your preferences and your cars condition and how much you care about it. One reason I tinted my car was to protect the leather interior. Secondly, for looks. And finally, for privacy. I got it done with a lifetime warrenty for $150. But, if I had to do it again, I would get titanium tint- this is better quality and more reflective(not like mirror though). Get your yellow pages, call all the tint places and get the best price.
As far as spoiler I have the stock spoiler... if you can call it that. It looks more like a lip. It is alright. I'm not too impressed with it. Somebody on this forum has a spoiler from a Maxima. You can also get new ones online. I would just buy one online and pay for it or go junkyard hoping and try to find one that will fit and maybe even in you color. Not sure if the second-gen will fit but they are kinda rare. I'm sure somebody else knows this.
Hey bud... Well i cant suggest one way or the other about a spolier. They dress up cars well! But about the tinting. I think tinting 'made' my car. (its late so x'cuse my retarted post here :eek: ) but i always thought my car was pretty good lookin before my tint job... but now, im astonished! it looks sooo freakin hot now (in my own little world of opinions) I have noticed my car may not look as classy now and as elegant, but it looks faster, sportier, and a lot more 'im young, lets race' and 'hey cops! catch me!' Ive got some before and after pics of my car... lemme know if youd be interested in seeing them. ill give u my e-mail later in tha post. but anyway, also if i were to tint again, i would only go for dark tinting. in most states, theres a legal limit (33% here in oregon) so i wanted the windows to be dark... really dark to get the full efffect. So luckily, a family friend happens to be an optometrist and wrote me a prescription to get my windows tinted limo (5%) and 20%, The tint shop here requires a prescription by a medical doctor saying you need a darker tint then the legal limit of 33%. Ive only been pulled over once and i have to carry a copy of the prescription in my car and cops cant do sh!t about it (apparently) so anyway, hope ive been of some help.

-Bryan [email protected]
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For your car I would go with 25% tint if I could find it. I think 20% tint is a lil dark on my car. I've actually gotten in one lil fender bender bc it was hard to see out my back window at night. I backed up into a parked car- very minor damage... but still. I think titanium tint is easier to see out of than the plastic/metallaic mix i got. Just something to think about.
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