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What do you guys think about the 2005 Dodge SRT4?

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I currently have a 1994 Acura Legend LS sedan and I love this car but I have been thinking about selling the Legend and getting a 2005 Dodge SRT4. This is the 4th Legend I have owned and I have always love everything about the Legend - the way it looks, drive, etc. but I'm tired of the expensive repairs and having a high mileage car and since it is a 11 year old car...a lot of things will need to be repaired or replaced. What do you guys think about the 2005 Dodge SRT4?

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They are EVERYWHERE. i would never ever ever think about selling my legend for a srt4. I have 2 friends with them and i respect the speed and the viper seats. Thats about it.
im not sure about the look of the car, but its got some good speed and not a bad price either, but it looks juss to much like a neon, and i think they look funny. If i were you id go and buy a 02-03 TL, you can get one for similar price and just make sure its got a good transmisson
The interior is probably the cheapest you can find in a compact car. And for me the seats are uncomfy. But once you hit redline, all the complaining is gone faster than virginity on prom night. I wouldn't sell the Legend for one but if you want one, I'd say wait til next year. They're either getting rid of the current Neon/SRT4 or they're getting a serious make-over, I forgot which one. Spy pics are in this months Motor Trend.

EDIT: Sorry. They're replacing it with the Dodge Calibur, which is essentially an SRT4 with AWD.

Hatchback, 235-hp version of the 2.4L World Engine, electronic all-wheel drive, and pricing similar to the outgoing SRT-4 in the low $20K range.

Have you checked out the Mazdaspeed 6?
I personally can't stand the SRT-4.
If I were you I'd rather go with a WRX. Better car by far.
What I like about the SRT4 is that I can get a below invoice discount on it and for about an extra $4,000 I can get a stage 3 turbo ugrade kit from the dealership with a factory warranty that makes it 355hp and 365lbs of torque on a less than 3,000lb car and that go 0 to 60 in about 5 seconds or little bit less.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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