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What do you guys think of these?

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Custom "angel eyes" look for what sounds like any headlight.

If you recall the newer 5-series BMWs, most of them have headlamps with just an outer ring illuminating from them. Definately a really cool appeal. This guy in england, I believe, is selling a do-it-yourself type of kit. Check it out:

Im not a big fan of ebay-ing, but maybe we could find another source for these....
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it does not look good on our cars because we have that long flat lense. when the head light is on, it pretty much drowns out the angel eyes. it will only look good if you do a projector conversion to the headlights first.
I'm not sure if they will work. There is no actually picture of the product. Also Legend headlights aren't exactly round.
Exactly my concerns, but...

The style of our lights would be the main concern, but when you think about it, Matt whelan could do this :).

Because, I dont know how Matt did his X5 conversion in the first place, Im not exactly sure of the possibilities. Can X5's be mounted in the high insert?

This could actually look pretty good if you did that to Chris K's setup because for whatever reason, his low HIDs dont leak into his high-beam housing --which, why is that?? I like WhiteLegend's bulbs the best, but they saturate the whole housing, so its getting me a bit confused.

Now even if the HIDs would still drown out the angel eyes in that situation, we could revert back to Matt's setup w/ the X5's on the low, add the AE's and only use them like daytime running lights like I've seen them being used.

Im just trying to spew out possibilities and spark new ideas, so if anyone else is intrigued and can build off of this, by all means, post away.
I would much rather get a mid model 3 series or 5 series and just do an upgrade, or an Audi for that matter. The head lights on the Legend are already awesome. But if you guys can find a way.......
I thought about this when I was doing my HID retro with Audi A6 projectors, but decided against it.

The "angel eye" look in my opinion is going to get "played out, " on the line of the Altezza tail lights.

There are tons of aftermarket headlights on ebay with them; Civics, Accords, older BMWs, Neons, Domestic trucks and God knows what next....

Besides it wouldn't look good with how I have my JDM foglights acting as my daytime running lights.

Picts are coming, just been lazy.:(
The unit that Hella sells is the full headlight assembly: Angel eyes, projectors, houstings, bulbs (Xenon or halogin), and harness's.

If the product you linked to on Ebay is a true Hella product then it's a very VERY good deal! The assembly w/out Xenon (the cheeper of the two with the non-HID bulbs for the low beams) Retails for $895.00 and at cost is still $550.00.

I'd say buy now, think later!!!

Foreal it seems like a great deal, do some research befor buying.
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