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Since my baby is going to be in the shop for the HG repair, I decided to tack on a bunch of other stuff as well. Basically, since we just bought a new house, I can't be spending money on cosmetic stuff, but if I can convince the shop to order cosmetic parts for me and put them on the bill... ;) ;) ;)

I'm just thinking of things that would be nice to have done tomake the car look and run as good as possible. So far, this is what I've come up with:

1. Head gasket repair.
2. Timing belt/water pump.
3. Black plastic moulding on the roof.
4. New pedal covers.
5. Center armrest lid.
6. Seat backs (broke all of the tabs doing the leather install).
7. Driver's side lumbar adj. lever (also broke doing leather).
8. BMW Z3 clear sidemarkers.
9. Two new front tires (back ones are still good).
10. Brake caliper lacquer.
11. Repaint hubs in grey/silver.
12. Cabin AC filter.
13. New spark plugs.
14. Drive belts.
15. Get engine steam cleaned.
16. Change diff/manual tranny fluid.

Anything else you would do if you were trying to sneak stuff in? Other than the brakes and maybe the armrest, none of this stuff is really visible to the wife, so I should be cool. I'm mostly looking at stuff like cracked trim pieces
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