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What is it???

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Ok, new problem slowly developing. Over time my idle speed has become about 700 RPM. I could swear I remember my car idling at 400-500. Sometimes she's gotten into the habit that when I press on the gas she thumps. It doesn't matter what speed...40MPH or 80MPH. I push on the gas and she thumps. I let off the gas and she's smooth as silk. Also, when she's in this mood she idles at 900, but not a rough idle, a smooth idle. What needs to be done to correct this? Any ideas?
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The thumping is a worn out CV axle. The inner knucke will thump when accelerating. You should be able to tell which side. Search "cv axle" and Jetdoc for more on this. Words of experiance- Don't use a remanufactured axle, Napa sells "new" ones for $99.
From my understanding, idle should be at 650 rpm
650-700 rpm is the normal idle for the car....

Check out they sell great axles for like a 3rd of the price of OEM.

Well thanks for the CV tip. I was afraid it was the fuel system or spark plugs or something. Well, the thumping anyway. I still feel the idle is higher than when i bought it. If this is true what could I do to improve it?
run some GM top flight injector cleaner through your system, you need to have a shop do it for you though
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