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Don't check for resistance, it's not going to get you the information you need. Charge the battery and check for voltage after letting the battery sit a couple of hours. The voltage should be 12.6. Anything less than that the battery is weak or should be replaced.

It sounds like you have a parasitic load draining your battery. Set up your volt meter to check current. Dissconnect one battery terminal and connect the meter in seres between the cabel and battery. You should not see more than 1/10 of an amp. Any more than that then you have a problem. (NOTE: DO NOT TURN ON KEY WHILE TESTING THIS AS YOU WILL BLOW THE FUSE ON YOUR METER).

If you have a parasitic load then you can pull each fuse until the load drops off, so you can find which area is your problem child. Once you find it then you will need to get a wiring diagram of that circuit and check all in that circuit.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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