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what kinda bulbs for headlights??

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Earlier tonight while driving home i noticed my lighs seemed kinda dull, well i pulled over and saw i only have one working headlight.
the brights in both headlights work fine. anyone know what kind of bulb i should use? i would go look now but its dark and thnderstorming out... thanks.
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For low beams our cars use 9006 bulbs it's not too hard to swap em out, let us know how it goes :)
will trak auto, pep boys have these bulbs or will i have to go to the dealership? thanks.
these bulbs are very common at any auto parts store, you shouldn't have a problem finding a new set :) No need to go to the dealer unless you feel the urge to be ripped off, lol :)
anytime bro, that's what the forums are for :)
Jose's answer to everything:

"GET HID's!"
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