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I haven't been able to decide which set of springs I want to get yet. I'm leaning towards the H&R's but I don't want to have a ride where I won't be able to make it over speed bumps, so then again I'm also considering the Eibachs. Now with both springs does the front end up having more finger gap than the rear?

So if I didn't want to have this with both springs would it look awkward to have the Konis set on the lowest perch? Or if its set on the lowest perch all the way around is it really not an issue?

One more question... I have seen a bunch of pictures of people's cars where it says that they have Eibachs but I can't tell if its what I want because I can't tell what perch they have their Koni's on.

How much finger gap will I have all the way around with the Konis on the lowest perch with either the Eibachs or H&R's?

Thanks for any help you guys, I just wanted to hear from other people's experiences... Pictures are great :D

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I have H&R's with Konis on a sedan. Up front i set the konis on the lowest perch and in back i have it in the middle. It's pretty low on this setup so speed bumps are a problem. If you have a heavy system in the back, that should also be taken into account. I'm sure the coupe is bit different from the sedan as well.
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