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Where would water go to stop enigne from starting? I was washing car with my daughter..I had hood up to look at fluid levels, etc...I had to go back in the house for about 30 minutes,,,I left my daughter outside who proceeded to spray the engine with water also...I just tried to start is turning over but not starting all th way...what do i need t odo??

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Ballistic said:
spark plugs (under the 6 coil packs)

ps. i'd wait a LONG time to make sure majority of the water has dried up. You'll have some in your eletrical wiring right now... not good @ all.
I've washed my engine many times, and surprisingly I've never run into any problems. I've had it happen to other cars though, but usually cars with distributers as opposed to individual coils. Just let it dry out for a few hours and it should crank right up.
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