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What size wheels for my 1991 Acura Legend Sedan

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Im new to this and im looking for help with a question. I would like to trade the stock rims out for bigger rims. Would 215/50/R17 for the rear, and 205/50/R17 fot the front work for my 1991 Legend Sedan without having to do anything besides taking the old wheels off and putting the new ones on?
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well just to give you a better idea my gs sedan is lowered and is on 225/40/18's but try tire rack and or discount tires they will have a wheel calculator to give you the correct size.
Yea.but does anyone have a Acura Legend with rims similar to what im planning?
Yes I've had 215 50 17 no issues plus 245 45 17 you should be fine
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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