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What the Fook....

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I had my 96 rl out earlier today driving around just fine I was watching my gas gauge read around half a tank of gas as i was coming to a stop it shut off... restarted no problem, idle find before it shut off did it to me three more times on the way home had only gone 170 miles on the odo. i know my gauge is off a little but there is no way its off a half a tank.. so i went to the station and figured i would top it off.. it only took 10.2xx gallons of fuel meaning there was still around 5 gallons in there why is the car shutting off? what is the issue here? I dont wanna give up on this car but it seems to be one issue after another
it has 198,xxx on it:horse:
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How is your idle, does it fluctuate, does you car feel like it's not at full power? It sounds like a bad coil/plug or vacuum issue.
Idle is fine, no lack in power and it only does it when i get down to what the gas gauge claims to be a half a tank never before.
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