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not sure what next


Here goes. I have a 1990 Legend LS. Bought of Ebay with bad auto tranny. When you would shift it in gear it would slip and shift like hell. Fluid was almost black figure that non working shift solenoid burnt it up. Had tranny rebuilt by local college program for dirt cheap($200), but is guarenteed good. So, i am working on the assumption that the tranny is good.After putting the rebuilt tranny in noticed the thing still ran the same. Cleaned out the solenoids as described in these forums. Got the noids to actuate using 12v they click real well. Immediately the car started shifting, but still shifted rough. Cleaned the solenoids two more times, the screens never had any metal fillings and have changed the fliud twice ( used only Honda atf) . My problem now is that when car slowes down for turn and i touch the gas the car has a hard time getting into gear, it revs up real high then slams into gear. TCU is thowing no codes. Have checked the resistance on the nm and nc speed sensor they are o.k. Was wondering if you fellas have any suggestions as to what to do next? Maybe the noids are not working perfect but when they are out of car they seem to actuate well. :confused:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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