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mine was doing that when i slowed down to take certain turns, it was almost allways the same turns. I adjusted the Throttle valve cable and it hasnt done it since.
make sure your tv arm is all the way down when when the accel cable is released. you can push it up and unhook the wire to see its natural resting position. make sure its allways as the resting position but the slightest movment of the accel cable makes it pull up too.

the clunk and the slip could be 2 seperate problems so also check your mounts, we have one mount that seems to be very poorly designed, its basically holding the trans up with glue. its down beside the battery on top of the tranny, make sure it hasnt seperated at the top of the rubber. mine broke and it was causing it to shift harsh with a clunk. now it shifts fine. its like 19$ for a genuine honda mount.

Once i tried taking the TV cable off and it shift like a caddy every time except if i pushed the gas down more than half way it would slip, ive done it with chevy nova once and it was fine, just no down shift at WOT.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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