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whats the diff?

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:confused: what is the difference between the grilles? i see one that has a deep inset and one that is even with the chrome. is there a different grille of a different way of making one?
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I believe that the grill with the deep inset were made for G2 legends between 91-93 and the even ones are for the years after the update (94 and 95). There are other styling differences between the cars. ie There is an Acura emblem above trunk key hole in the years 91-93 as the 94-95 model have the word Legend above the key hole. There are front bumper changes from the original to the update. I hope this helps.
They should be compatible too. I just replaced my gold deep grill with a newer silver one. Looks a lot nicer i IMO. now will the front bumper of a 94-95 sedan fit on my 95?
Hey stratoknight how did you get that thing under your name, that's tight, could you help me get one?
yeah i made that thing for some peeps who wanted ones that could fit AIM. on the forum it is known as an avitar. u can use mine or if u send me like 3 pics of your car and i can make one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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