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What's the real skinny with Speed Rating on Tires...

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I need to get new tires on my Legend and intend to stick to the recommended stock size 205-60-15.

Well the dude at Sam's Club said I have to get the "V" rated tire. I told him I probably won't go over 110 and so I would be happy with the "H" rated tire. He said for him to be able to warranty the tires, they have to match the speed rating that the vehicle MFG recommends. He said it's not so much for the speed rating as it is for the weight/suspension stuff of the car. That part sounds like BS to me.

Anyway, I just want the real answer about the Speed Rating of tires. Does it mean if you go over the speed rating, the tire has a tendancy to separate?

After looking over the list I will probably get a set of "V" rated Bridgestone 730s tomorrow. You never know when you need to kick up the speed...:D
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i dont know exactly how they break down... but i do know that the rating (say.. V, 140mph) is for that speed for 1hr. so like H is 120mph for 1hr solid.
It doesnt hurt to have a higher speed rating. i think many of us here have Z rated tires which allows 149+ mph. Not that you'll ever need to go so fast of course.
i have warrantied H-rated tires, Bridgestone Potenza RE-930i's and they're just fine :) i've hit 135 on these before in my old legend, i like em alot
places like Costco and Sams are protecting their ass, they do not want to be liable for selling any tire not specified for the car as original equipment....they won't sell you two new tires and move the other two to the front.....this is for their legal department's safety not your safety. H, T, or S tires will work fine on your car, although the handling characteristics may be a little different than the V or Z rated tires due to softer sidewall characteristics of lower speed rated tires. The suspension and steering of the Legend can exceed the capabilities of the tires, but I believe that we should be making those choices, not our vendor.
After talking to other tire stores I agree, Sam's Club is just doing the CYA thing, especially when he recommended I go to Discount Tire for a V rated tire. And I thought he was telling me this because the guy remembered me 6 months ago when I had to get the manager to resolve a tire issue on a different car. :)

Anyway I've got a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE950 on order. Hopefully these will be on the car by Friday. I need tires now, so I ordered them this morning.

Thanks for the info!
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