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whats this mean? video

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I want to say its a bad coil, but im not sure....I went ahead and videotaped it on my phone shaking and idleing weird in drive. Heres the only way i could post the vid, its on my youtube account. - YouTube
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check coolant level, bleed the system and check for vacuum leaks.
will be doing that on friday. But waiting on another coil pack to get here. I am positive 1 on the passenger side went bad...
well the way to tell if a coil is bad is:

start engine, pull once coil plug at a time. If pulling a plug doesn't cause a change in rpm then you found the culprit.
i did that but i never checked the rpms, i just listened for it to sounds shitty, then knew which one was working, but i am positive that 1 didn't change at all. And BTW my car only does this once its warmed up...
imo if it only happens "when warm" it's not a coil.
what might that be? Cuz I have no idea.
the car does the idling like that and then when in d4 it starts to shake and bog down when trying to accelerate, but once over 20mph it drives and shifts normally.
have you checked your air filter, also where does the idle sit once warm?
once its warm its around 750-1000, air filter is aftermarket k&n, i cleaned it a few weeks ago, maybe its dirty...not sure, but all the hoses are connected, and i cleaned the throttle body and iac almost a week ago... I keep reading about the idle screw on the intake manifold, haven't been able to take that apart and tighten due to the screws being rusted on...
impact screwdriver FTW! Impact Screwdriver Set with Case

This works great for removing rusted screws, however there isn't enough clearance to use that in that location. iirc

Id use PB Blaster, spray it very day for a week than try again. (make sure the screwdriver you use fit's snug in the head or it will strip off.
could this be a faulty injector? I am starting to smell gas in my car...idk if one of them may have went bad or what, but i replaced all the o rings and seals a few months ago with no problem... is there a fool proof way of checking these?
If your smelling gas check the fuel lines ASAP! (I sent too many of these in JY because of engine fires.)

If you recently did o-rings they shouldn't be leaking unless one got pinched during installation.
o btw i had sprayed pb blaster onto the intake manifold in order to loosen the screws, that might be the smell, because i didn't smell anything before i did that...
lol, that will do it when it's burning off.
so i was replacing my coil and noticed fuel leaking from that hose that connects to some type of canister... i am hoping to replace this today and this was def. where the smell was coming from...
good thing you caught it before a tragedy occurred. I had my engine catch on fire in my Maxima.

I was lucky to be thinking quick and smothered it with my shirt.
yeah im really glad i listened to you and checked it again, but im trying to figure out how to replace this, its one of the hoses that connects to a canister looking thing on the drivers side engine....its a fuel hose but idk if i should just disconnect this and replace or if theres a certain way to do this... i don't want to have tons of fuel leak when i take off the hose.
so i replaced the hose and coil and after waiting and driving it, everything seems keeping my fingers crossed right now.
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