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what's wrong...easy fix??

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hey guys i just got my car back from the body shop n she is brand new n lookin good! somethin tho, probably minor, is wrong. when i went to wash the windshield with the fluid, the right side sprayed out normal kinda like fast n consistent, but the left side nozzle sorta just dripped out fluid, not literally dripped, but it was real weak. is this just because i am low on washer fluid, or is it something else? how do you add more fluid, like where is the tank located? thanks guys.
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The left nozzle outlet is clogged. Use a needle to stick it in the hole and unclogg it. If that doesn't work, there could be a small break in the water line. If so, you just need to remove the fiber glass hood insolation, and change the broken hose or connection.
Both of mine were clogged and it turned out to be the one way valve about two inches past the nozzle.
Chris R
i haven't tried anything yet, i haven't had the time, but i got my hood replaced on thursday, would this have any possible effect on it?
If the driver's nozzle works, then it has to be a blockage between there and the other nozzle - either the jet or the one-way valve most likely.
Chris R
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