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I purchased my legend 8 months ago and have used this forum to remedy my various problems, I think that it is great. I’ve always appreciated the legends beauty and through ownership I have found that each problem just makes me love it more.

Recently had been experiencing a slight oscillation in the wheels (^60 mph) that could also be felt through the steering wheel. I had found similar types of issues addressed throughout the forum but never any definitive solutions. In my case there was a little play in both front wheels at 9 & 3o’clock (pass. side was worse). After some new Tierods form the local parts store, 45 mins, and a another alignment it was fixed. There where no more pulsating vibrations in the car, shes smooth as glass.:thumbsup:

However I was wondering if removing the CAT would have any effect on the O2 sensors? Could also use anyones advice on perhaps the best way to do so and still have the rest of the exhaust stock? Thanks everyone, this is an incredibly valuable resource.:p
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