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It is right behind the EGR, do a search for the EGR valve and you should pull up some pics of the 3 hoses located on the firewall They circulate coolant from the engine to the evap core and back and the fittings are through the firewall on the passenger side. you cant miss them. Good luck with changing the those as they go (#1) from the left head to the heater valve, (#2) from the valve to the firewall i.e. easiest to change and shortest, (#3) from the firewall to underneath the intake manifold which is the hardest by far because it is underneath the EGR pipe and the biggest PITA that I have ever done. throw the clamps away because once you get them off, they are harder to put on, get the screw down kind as you can use a rachet and a long extension to tighten them up if not a screwdriver. It isn't hard to miss the hoses I believe are 5/8" and they are also a PITA to change too, I know I did them. Transmission cooling hoses carry transmission fluid, and you will see red or brown right underneath the front of the bumper, not coolant (at least in a manual) if they are leaking and the differential cooling hoses carry coolant. (one located at the bottom of the differential).
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