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Where to buy clear corners/bulbs?

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I need to pick up a new set of clear corners for my 4dr along with some good hyper whites, what # bulb does it take? 1156? What kind of bulb goes in the bumper lens?

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Hey Doug, your car is looking good! The corner lamp bulbs are 168 or 192, same thing.

The bumper ones are 1156.

Hope this helps.
If you are looking to pick them up locally. Call the NOPI warehouse in Forest Park. I have found pretty good prices there, and they usually have it in stock.
question... since clear is not legal to have as turn signals... what about RED? maybe the popo will mistaken it for a real dark amber color? comments? answers? esti? :D

i'm talking about the bumper lenses. i have clear up top already.
Doug, NOPI is usually higher...try Godfather customs off of Covington and Memorial or

Red bulbs are do-able, but a quick way to get a ticket, IMO
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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