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So I tested the two switches, both the main and the actual window switch for the rear passenger side window but neither actuate the window. Considering both switches do not work the problem must be either, the regulator itself, wiring to the regulator (probably unlikely), or some random fuse or relay that I do not know about.

I guess this is where you guys come in, are there any individual relays or fuses for the single window that I should check? Or, should I just go straight to removing the door panel to put a new regulator.

Last thing, what sort of 12V power source might any of you use to test all of these various components in the car; I was thinking of taking one of my old computer power supplies out and clipping the 12V leads out of the harness (then capping the +5V and so on), would that work as a way of testing various things, such as window regulators, head units, lock actuators, etc...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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