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white smoke?

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Whats sup ya'll, just wondering why when i take off some white smoke comes out the muffer,and another thing what can you recommed to stop a squeaking noise when i open my passenger door w40 isn't cuttin it.
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if the white smoke smells "sweet", then you have a bhg . as far as the doors go, dont use wd40 because it dries out, use graphite, or white lithium greese, it works well on the doors, and on your suspention bushings!
Ok what's does dhg mean? I'll grab that grease up tho thanks.
Bhg is blown head gasket, it could also mean your valve stem seals are going and then that would mean its the oil making the white. Mine did that as well, I put shell rotella oil in and it made my white smoke go away.. Other members have done the same as well. But if its a bhg you may be out of Luck

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It only does it in the morning when i take off other then that it never happens throught out the day. Also my car is well taken care off all my fluids are from honda i have papers of everything iv'e done, I hope its not a bhg problem my car drives fine perfect i only have 160,000,i just went to jiffy lube yesturday and got a oil change. So i'll keep shell rotella oil in minds after i drive 3,000 miles for my next change and another thing my car doesn't over heat either.
If the smoke is in the mornings, or after a long park, then it could be steam from water condensate. A much better condition than a Blown Head Gasket (BHG).
Now that's the sprit! i just drove and had my wife look at the muffler as i took off and nothing she didn't see no smoke at all. So it that normal or should i be worrie.
New owner here! Yeah, i have that too. I was afraid that it might've been the dreaded BHG that i quickly came to learn about upon joining this forum.

But with my Legend, it only happens in the mornings after a cold start (the weather is getting cool after all). Thus, i figure it's just built-up condensation from the cold when you park it overnight outside.
if problem persists after warmup then watch for that bhg
If you're getting white smoke on startup, I would look for oil in your coolant (look for black gunk in the overflow). I would also get a hydrocarbon test kit. I know that NAPA carries them. It will test for exhaust gases in the coolant. Inexpensive and an quick way to get some (hopefully) peace of mind. GL

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check under your oil cap, do you see any anti freeze? ifso its for sure a BHG. just did min 8 months ago.
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