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Who has AEM pads on type 2 coupe/GS

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Since the coupe and GS have the same brakes and my buddy needs new ones up front for his 95 coupe I recommended AEM since they stop better than stock. Many sites that sell them say except GS for the part # AEM 26-120. I thought the pads were the same all around on the L, LS and GS. What's the scoop on this?
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You will notice the part number for the NSX is 26-120. They are all 26-120. I am running 26-120s in my NSX calipers, which are very similar to the Type IIs.
might get a slight squeel from the aem pads though.
I've run them for 10000 miles and they've only squeeled when wet, like any other pad. They are quite noisy with the D/S rotors though, sounds kind of like a jet engine and a card in spokes of a bike combined. Its enjoyable though.
aem 26-120 for the front and 26-205 for the rears. im running them with d/s rotors also. no complaints here. get them from they had the best shipped prices when i was shopping around.
I just checked and they have a better price than ur link and free shipping. (better than ebay)
That's where I bought my rears and they work great. Cardomain prices are darn good.
I had a annoying sqeak on the L.R. and used a brake spray that has metal in it and it worked great no more squeaking.
Just remembered, these pads are far weaker than OEM when very cold (startup), along with every other performance pad for the most part. It's nothing when you get used to it, but the first time I started after getting them installed I nailed a trash can in front of my car.
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