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Why is it.......

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That I see a Legend like every 5 mins. but they stop'd making this car. I understand that all those new BIG BULKY Acura's are supposed to be "The New" Legend but why would they do this.
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I didn't quite understand your post, you see a Legend every 5mins?? Where do you live? I see one maybe every 2hours.. LoL

Yeah the new "RL" is more Mercedes-Like now. They're going for the bigger thing, in time, it might cost the same as them too.

The CL isn't bad, the TL is quite nice as well (Type-S). The rear of the car could use a little more work.
I live in the San Gabriel Valley area, it's about 30mins from L.A. Well 20in a Legend.. LOL

In my city I've seen maybe.. 3 G2 Legends, always the same ones, and they're all black. I see a lot more G1s though, maybe 6-8 including the Sedan G1s.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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