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I have a 1989 Legend 4 dr with the basic stock radio. I've recently upgraded the speakers (OEMs were rotted) but it still sounds pretty bad. Someone on Ebay is selling an Acura Cassette, Radio, Equalizer, and CD Changer Controls from a 1991 Acura Legend "L" Sedan. Right now its selling for around $50. Auction ends tomorrow.
Question: Is this '91 radio an improvement over what I have and if it is...
1. Will it fit in my car
2. Are the wiring harnesses compatible
3. Will it work with the separate dash controls

Thanks for your prompt reply. I bought my '89 Legend a few months ago. Its a Texas car, 5 speed with 69,000 and in show room condition...inside and out. I just sold a 1988 Legend with 175K so I'm planning on keeping the '89 for many years
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