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Will an ignition switch give me a check engine light?

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Will an ignition switch give me a check engine light? I was driving on the highway with cruise set on 60, out of nowhere it sputtered for a half second then went back to normal. Only difference was my MIL was now on. I was less than 10 mins from home so I pushed on. About 5 mins down the road it sputtered once again and shut off immediately. I got her on the shoulder and tried to crank her. The motor turns over strong but sounds very free. My mechanic that did my timing belt a few weeks back believes it is my ignition switch because he found a loose ignition wire under my dash at the time of repair. He says his scanner shows no codes and is wanting to have someone else with more specific equipment attempt to diagnose it for 130$. I trust my guy but am on a tight budget. The car has fresh head gaskets and the top end was thoroughly cleaned, new timing belt and pulley, water pump and thermostat, ignition control module, and battery. I tried the main relay test (turn the key to on, wait for check engine light and d4 light) and it passed. Please any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jayson
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The Legend has onboard diagnostic system, the obd II scanners are useless on our cars. pull the code and report back.

G2: DIY: Diagnosis: Pulling Codes - LegendWiki

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It gave me a code 15 ignition output signal. One longer CEL and 5 shorter CEL
Code 15 ultimately is for a problem with the igniter, since you recently had work done on it I would first check the connections to the igniter and ALL grounds on the engine.
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