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Will ANY honda/acura cd changer work?

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wondering if cd changers off accords and civics will work with the legend.... also, If I buy the Alpine CHM-S620.. do I have to buy the adapter kit for it, even though, my legend is prewired for a cd changer??? thanks!
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Yes, all g2 legends are prewired for a cd changer. You can use any Acura legend factory changer or and m-bus alpine changer, any CHM series. But you do need an alpine-legend adaptor, it can be bought from almost any audio shop

I doubt other H/A changer would work, but I'm not sure.
thanks, for the info.. how much will an adapter cost, if I decide to purchase a alpine m-bus changer? also, whats it look like? thanks!
Actually, most of the Honda/Acura decks use M-Bus up to a certain year. I heard the newer Honda/Acura changer are still M-Bus, but they switched to a square DIN plug of sorts. Either way, it depends on the year of the Honda/Acura changer. If below 97 they are all the same. Most of the Honda/Acuras also use the same headunit wiring configuration as well dating back to 1986. I've used a deck from a 86 Accord to test various things in my Legend.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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