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will civic intakes fit on legends???

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will a civic intake fit on our legends???...what about the breathers???.....want to know because there 1/2 the price of the legend intake,....kinda low on $$........any input will help......
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Yes, I have "second" hand experience. I believe it is the 92-95 style civic intake fits exactly. You will have to have a single breather filter, but other than that its perfecto.

The breather does NOT fit well (the pipe on them is too small), so my friend just wrapped the outside of the tube in black electrical tape and stuffed it in. It works fine for him.

yo thanks alot man, i know what to do,.......i have a friend also with a 95 civic ex....i helped him install his intake,......not much of a ricer fan,..but his car sounded sweeeet after the install, gonna buy the piping from a local autostore.....maybe the filter also......but one thing,....does the brand of the filter count,...because i mean there doing the same thing in essence. Either way i'm going to be converting it to a CAI,.....shud i just go with a regular 3a racing filter?? the price for the filter and intake is $75 that a good price?
I highly suggest you support the intakes made for the can get one from import toys ( for the filter and piping, without jerry-riggin it. and then you can modify it to make a CAI from there. If you want your Legend to be Wicked, I suggest not half-stepping on your important also can get the Weapon-R, RM Racing intakes as well.
Hey im looking at the intakes from, it says backorder, what does that mean?
All in all the tubing brand doesn't matter. If you compare Weapon-R, Generico, RM, whatever, the only difference is going to be the materials and finish. The inside of each intake will be very smooth and good for air flow, as well as the exact same diameter.

If you do plan on going with a cheap intake pipe, I do NOT suggest skimping on the filter. There seems to be a pretty good difference... I suggest either K&N or Weapon-R.

If you plan on doing this the "right" way the first time, go with DV8s Cold Air Intake. It looks sweet and is a very nice system. I would love to pick it up, but I just don't have the cash! I think I may try the patented "Home Depot" CAI :)

Good point 92Coupe; how dumb could I be? Sorry for not getting the hint Leon! These guys are right, more stuff we buy that is Legend-specific the better. Only problem is that the Legends are dying out! Most that I see have very high miles or careless owners. All the more reason for this forum...
yeah but what i believe leon is getting at is the more people that buy intakes for the legend the better the aftermarket support will be. They will see people do buy stuff for legends but i mean its all up to you. See ya!
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